"Traction - Managing Career Cycles" presentation by Chuck Forgang (left), and George Bradt (Principal/Founder of executive onboarding and transition acceleration group PrimeGenesis) (right)

Charles S. Forgang, the Firm’s Founder and Principal Attorney, has often been asked to serve as a guest speaker, addressing topics in Employment Law, Corporate Law and Business Law. His recent speaking engagements include presentations before the following organizations:

  • "Employment Law in the Era of COVID-19 for Both Employees and Employers" for The Penn Club of New York, The Columbia Club of New York and The Wharton Club of New York (June 2020)
  • "Employment Law 101: From Both the Executive's & Employer's Points of View" for The Penn Club of New York and The Columbia Club of New York (October 2019)
  • "Employment Law 101: From Both the Executive's and Employer's Points of View" for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) NYC (Directors Forum and Managers Forum) (April 2018)
  • "A Fireside Chat with Chuck Forgang on Employment Law and Related Business Considerations" for the Penn Club Women in Business Group (October 2017)"
  • “Employment Law 101: From Both the Executive’s and Employer’s Points of View " for The Wharton Club of New York (April 2017 and June 2015)
  • "Entrepreneurship and the Law - Dealing with Employees and Consultants" for Princeton University (Keller Center) (March 2017) 
  • "Employment Law" for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) NYC (Staffing Management Special Interest Group) (February 2017)
Testimonial: "We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to meet with all of us today. Your guidance, insights and stories were so helpful. I do believe everyone walked away with a very positive impression and we would love to continue our discussions at a future date. " - Joyce Sowa, Chair, NYC SHRM Staffing Management Special Interest Group

  • National Employment Lawyers Association - New York Chapter (Solo Support Committee) (November 2016)
  • “Job, Transition and Family Change: Managing Stress at Work and Home” for The Wharton Club of New York  (May 2015, November 2013 and January 2013)
  • “Starting and Sustaining a Successful Consulting or Small Business” for The Wharton Club of New York   (February 2013)
  • “Compensation Post Financial Crisis: Where Do We Stand?” for The Wharton Club of New York (March 2012)
  • Penn Club Women in Business (February 2012)
  • “Traction Revisited: Navigating the Ins and Outs and Ups and Downs of Career Cycles” for The Wharton Club of New York (March 2011)
  • "The Legal Environment of Work" at NYU Graduate School of Education (April 2010)
  • "Employment Law Considerations in Buying a Business" at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (April 2010)
  • The Penn Club of Metro New Jersey, jointly with The Wharton Club of New Jersey (February 2010)
  • The Penn Club of Westchester & Rockland Counties (New York), jointly with Penn Fairfield (Connecticut) (December 2009)
  • The Careers in Transition Series of The Marketing Executives Network Group ("MENG"), NYC Chapter (October 2009)
  • University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association of New York City - PennNYC (Executives in Transition Series)(June 2009)
Testimonial: "You guys [you, together with George Bradt, Principal and Founder of PrimeGenesis, the executive onboarding and transition acceleration group] ... knocked it out of the park. Your 'human' style, specific content and engaging approach made this an extraordinary PennNYC event. I know people walked out with new ideas, tools and action steps about their careers and that's a home run!!" - Dale Kramer Cohen, President of PennNYC

  • Wharton Media & Entertainment Network Career Opportunity Group (April 2009)
  • Wharton Entrepreneurs-Education and Resource Network, jointly with the Penn Law Business & Entrepreneurship Club (November 2008)
  • Wharton Club of New York Career Speaker Series (September 2008)
  • The Penn Club of New York (May 2008)
  • Business and Professional Women’s Network Group (April 2007)
  • Marketing Executives Networking Group (“MENG”), NYC Chapter (March 2007)

Testimonial: “Your informative and entertaining presentation kept our group spellbound for an hour and a half. No one even left to catch their usual trains home! We look forward to having you back again.” – Karen Hochman, Chair, New York City Chapter

  • Financial Executives Networking Group (“FENG”), New York (January 2007)


Testimonial: "Charles Forgang spoke to our organization on a wide range of issues relating to preparation for the beginning and end of each job. This was particularly relevant to our membership given the volatility of the current job market, and the fact that many jobs for senior financial executives last only a few years. Charles presented very good case examples and advice on how to handle and structure contract negotiations, severance agreements, and non-compete clauses among others. This created an awareness of the legal complexity of each employment situation, in particular in regard to loopholes and potential pitfalls which need to be addressed and resolved before starting a new job." – Bruce Crawford, Chairman

  • Wharton Business Owners and Entrepreneurs’ Affinity Group of The Wharton Club of New York (February 2006)
  • "The Evolving CIO Series for Executive Career Management” sponsored by Oser & Company (December 2006)